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Is Kenya ready for e-commerce? Is this the best time to invest in the digital market?

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Ecommerce is business conducted via the internet or electronic gadgets. I know, it sounds corny. But come to think about it. What exactly is still alienated from e-commerce in today’s world as I have defined e-commerce just right above? We are living in a digital age where everything is moving the "ecommerce way."

How many times have you bought airtime via M-Pesa or reserved a ticket via a website, bought something on eBay/Jumia/Olx and other online platforms in Kenya? The point is, despite what we might have been lead to believe, ecommerce is not a technology available to the western world. In fact, I can assure you that here in Kenya we use it in our day to day lives. 

Did you know that ecommerce is virtually holding the biggest amount of wealth that the world has to offer? If you do not believe me examine  the following case scenarios through which ecommerce is dominating the business world

1. The most valuable retailer/wholesaler that makes profits from its operations as the retailer has no inventory. And you are like how can this be possible? Well, Alibaba is one of that kind of enterprise. 

2. Developing software’s is a service business that has claimed lots of profits to investors and developers like Microsoft, Oracle, and other software developers. Programmers develop software’s and sell them to the world as a service. However, did you know that the biggest software vendor in today’s world rarely writes applications? They just created a platform where developers create and sell their applications. That sounds like an incredible idea to entrepreneur right? But you can hold your breath because its already taken by corporations like Google and Apple.

3. Another upcoming means to make an extra coin via the internet is blogging. Most people do not really know why blogging is termed as a source of income while all you do is write articles for people to read. Blogging income is derived from indirect sources of income like affiliate marketing, product promotion, guest blogging at a fee etc. Affiliate marketing is all about advertising someone else goods and/or services on your website, and as clients purchase products via your website, you become entitled to a commission which usually is paid monthly on the fifteenth. So blogging is a means to gather your market crowd or a niche, or rather fan club. 

Well, some companies have well invested on this idea to make the most out of it, but the biggest one of all does not even write articles. Facebook has enjoyed millions of profit arrived from advertising, for it made a stable fan club that can reach people of all manner of styles. If you do not, you should know that last year Facebook made a record of leading the list of social media platforms with the biggest number of users and its score was 1 billion users, not to mention it that in 2013 Facebook made 15 million dollars profit. Also, they bought WhatsApp with roughly 15 billion dollars.

Enough of me trying to convince you that ecommerce has taken over the world and get to the good stuff. As a business owner "ecommercing" your business should be a priority. They say if you can't beat them join them. If you do not embrace ecommerce, it will embrace you and trust me you do not want that. 

Am not much of a chess player, but one thing I learned from the few games I played is that if you want to win, you must manipulate your opponent to play your game on your terms. It's time you figure out what ecommerce is and how to manipulate it to play the game your way and on your terms. For those who want to start an ecommerce business but they can't figure out an idea to invest in you are in luck. E-commerce ideas to invest in is a blog in Chantosweb developers that have laid a couple of ecommerce ideas, and all that one might need to get started. 

Also at. How to choose a great website is also an article there with all that a newbie in the world of ecommerce will greatly benefit while choosing the right website for their business ideas. 

How to commercialize your business

a) Own a website this is the very first step in reaching out to ecommerce world – having an online presence

Most people think websites cost a fortune, and yes they do but only when you do not know where to get one at an affordable rate. There are platforms like Chantosweb Developers, Apnest Digital Agency (ADA) and others that provide websites that are not only affordable but beautiful and responsive. 

Website templates also provide grounds where informed decisions are made on how you as a client would like your website to look like and although they have few templates they tend to impress their customers with their work at Chantosweb developers business html templates.

b). Create social site connection. 

Social sites have proven to be very resourceful as means to reach the mass considering they tend to have a large number of users. Create pages groups and establish grounds to affirm your online presence. With the right kind of help, social sites tend to pull traffic to your site which means exposure and hence profits. Make sure to invest in a major social platform like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, and Instagram for they control a significant percentage of the social media world.

c). Make sure you utilize your blog. 

Blogging as I had mentioned earlier it’s a means to create a client base but remember it is not just writing for it involves people, and people are tough to please so ensure originality, creativity, and informative materials are what your blog offers. Informative materials are very seductive for people do not visit for fun, they do come back for they are in need of what you have to offer.

d). Customer service center.

 As the website is a means of advertisement of what you have to offer and an around the clock presence remember to avail human help that can avail assistance whenever it is possible. Human touch is very important for it feels a potential customer with the confidence of what you are what you stand for and what you have to offer.

Ultimately ecommerce has to be incorporated into our business Or what? I can almost see you smile but remember you have already incorporated ecommerce to your business world. Paying with M-Pesa, online banking, advertising your work on Facebook creating a facebook page, google plus business, and the like. It's all ecommerce. It is time you fully embraced it. And yeah websites are not expensive as I mentioned earlier, firms like Chantosweb Developers and Apnest Digital Agency (ADA Kenya) have very affordable web design packages.