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The Future of the Kenyan market

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Kenya is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa, our economy is rapidly growing, technology is finding its way in every industry, new markets are emerging every day, and just about everything is shifting. Although this development and growth is something we should be happy about, it brings a major revolution with it, new market leaders will be born, monopolies will fall, and in a few years, there will be new faces all over. This is a crucial time for business owners, companies and organization as once again we will see the “Charles Darwin’s” survival theory at work ( only the strong and smart to survive).

Market Revolution is not a new concept neither is fall of multi-million businesses. A few years ago companies like Eveready, Posta and Telcom Kenya ( with their phone) were the beating heart of the nation, these firms were an absolute necessity back then, but today we can survive without them. 

If you think the changes in our market will go unnoticed, just answer this question, how long have you known Jumia, Sportpesa, Nairobi drinks delivery, or dial a drink (an Instant drinks delivery Kenya)? Well, I guess your answer is something like 2 or 3 years. The truth is the market changing, this revolution is inevitable, it’s too good for you and me to resist.

The major driver of this revolution is technology especially the web. What this means to businesses is to get their affairs in order and make technology one their most important asset. But why is technology this important? The simple and most obvious answer is consumers, today customers prefer to buy online, get their services online, interact & socialize online, hold their meetings online and just about everything they do. With this kind of a scenario, businesses and marketers have no choice but to follow their customers online; the alternative is to loose these customers to competitors and upcoming digital companies.

Is technology optional for businesses?

The answer is a straight NO.  This is perfect time for businesses to forge alliances with some the best digital marketing companies in Kenya, it’s time to search for the top social media marketing companies, search engine marketer, SEO experts in Kenya and also professional web design companies & app development firms in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and other major cities.

Digital marketing companies have already become a vital asset as I write this article. Today we have countless firms operating purely online; these firms are "eating" the market share of the firms that continue to operate purely offline. These online companies are gaining market share day by day while on the other side the offline companies ( businesses without websites or any online presence) continue to complain about the diminishing number of customers & decreasing revenues. This trend will continue, and these online firms will not stop until they dominate the market. 

What I find fascinating about these online firms is the fact that most were not existent 3 years ago and today they boast a huge market share and still growing strong. 

For business owners this is not the time to ask yourself whether you need to maintain online presence of having a website, this is the time to reach out to a digital marketing company in Kenya and start defending the current market share.  

As a wise businessman you should always sell where your customers are, and today those customers are online, on social media, on the search engines searching for a place to buy products or obtain services. As a marketer, I do market research on a daily basis and in some cases, I see there are 10,000 to 100,000 monthly consumers searching for products and services online in a field that have just a few players (say 3 or 5 businesses).  There is a high probability that these online firms if they play their card well, will end up being the market leaders.

Where to focus your marketing efforts in 2017 and beyond

Knowing where to concentrate your marketing efforts and the strategies to use the first move to ensure your business continued growth and also survival during this digital transition. This article will cover some of the major digital strategies you can use to ensure your business growth regarding market share and revenue. When dealing with online marketing, there two broad forms of marketing you can pursue, one is the paid from (e.g., search engine marketing) and the non-paid form of marketing (e.g., search as SEO). It is possible to combine the two approaches so as to get the best results in the most efficient and effective way. 

Today’s top 5 digital marketing strategies 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the top technology for marketing. It provides an automated approach to identifying and nurturing leads with relevant content along the journey to purchase. This is an approach that is being used by some of the online businesses, and the results for this strategy tend to be very effective.

Search engine marketing

The search engines direct customers to a website or business where they can find or buy a product and service they are looking for.  Search engine marketing is the process of getting the search engine to direct more customers and leads to your business website or your physical store. For Search engine marketing to be effective, it is necessary to have a professional business website, not just a website, consider getting a consultation or having your business website built by one of the best web design companies in Kenya.

Social media marketing 

We have all seen businesses like Jumia selling their products on Facebook and other social media platforms. Most business purely operates on social media, if you take a closer look next time you are on Facebook you will notice many buy-sell Facebook groups most with over 100,000 members. This is a clear indication of how many customers are on Facebook and are willing to transact online.

Email marketing

Emails are becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate with clients and potential clients. Personally, I use email marketing on a daily basis. The beauty of email marketing is the capability to communicate with your customers at a personal level. You can send offers, promotional messages among others marketing messages. With email marketing you can achieve a lot from converting potential customers to regular customers to maintaining the existing clients.

Content marketing

Content has dominated the digital world for quite some time now. Content is the major strategy digital marketers utilize to reach, inform and persuade the target audience to take action. Its is imperative to focus on this strategy as it is easy to implement and has impeccable results.  

Search engine optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making your site rank better for relevant keywords in search engine result pages. The optimization process can entail paid or non-paid practices but ranking organically is the most desirable approach. There is a lot you can learn from SEO in Kenya guide. 

Video marketing

Using videos for marketing purposes is something that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Videos have become one of the most effective marketing tools, consumers are showing a positive response to video advertisement and even driving them to take action. This is a strategy worth exploring in 2017.

The above marketing strategies are just some of the approaches that businesses and organizations should embrace to secure their future. In the quest to go digital, it is imperative for firms to find a reliable digital marketing company in Kenya that can help in this digital transition, you can study this guide on choosing the best SEO company in Kenya for more insights. With a good web design & digital marketing agency, you can consider your firm ready for the future. While this article covers an overview of the digital marketing strategies, the upcoming guides will cover these strategies in depth and also list some of the top agencies that you can trust with your marketing campaign.