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Online liquor shopping in Kenya - How to order drinks online

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The internet age has brought with it many conveniences. You can shop online for almost anything, any time and from anywhere. This includes liquor. Let’s face it! The comfort of having liquor delivered to your door is one-of-a-kind in Kenya. It might make you lazy, but you got other things to do than visiting a local liquor shop, right? Who doesn’t love convenience anyways? The thought that you can host a party, have the boys over on the weekend or stock your home bar without leaving your house is incredible. You can jump on to any of the great online liquor stores in Kenya that delivers and order your favorite booze. Some companies like Drinks Vine and Drinks Zone even deliver in less than 30 minutes in Nairobi at no delivery charges.

The advantage of online liquor shopping is that you get access to a world of spirits, wines, beers, mixers, soft drinks, and many other supplies. The best online wines and spirits stores have blogs and shopping guides that aid in choosing the best liquor type. Several other resources exist such as recipes for homemade cocktails or even alcohol storage tips. Shopping online also gives you access to new and rare bottles that you wouldn’t otherwise find in your local liquor stores. You can also have all the time you need in comparing available options before placing an order, a luxury you cannot find in a physical shop. You spend too long in a shop and the store attendant might call the cops on you. Kidding…! You get the point though!

So far we can all agree that shopping online is convenient. However, some people are reluctant to buy alcohol online. The fear of getting the wrong products, low-quality products, or not being sure whether they can trust the service provider is the biggest challenge. The best thing is that you can always tell whether an online alcohol shop is genuine or not. Here are some of the top tips for online liquor shopping.

Read Google Map Reviews About Businesses

You probably do not pay much attention to user-experience reviews on Google and it is time you do. See what customers are saying about the business and see whether it’s something that can work for you. There you will get honest reviews from satisfied or dissatisfied customers. So many negative reviews will only mean that the online liquor shop cannot be relied on. This is the best way of finding a good wine and spirits shop.

Learn to Navigate the Website Appropriately

The best online alcoholic beverage shops have well-designed web pages that you can easily navigate. A good site will have a large collection of liquor brands and their prices displayed correctly, working search parameters, and filters. In E-Commerce sites like Drinks Vine, you can easily search by entering the name of the specific product, or filter by brand, category, or even price. This way, you can easily find what you are looking for in no time.

Order What Strikes You Fancy

No doubt you will be overwhelmed by huge liquor varieties that you will find in online shops, let alone the discounts and offers on their pages. Choose only what pleases you, rather than what saves your money. Do not end up buying something you do not like or need. After all, you are there to please your palate with the best drinks that you most enjoy.

Make Use of Blogs and Shopping Guides

The best online liquor shopping sites have informative guides and blog posts that educate you on products and services. In whichever way you happen to land on an online liquor shop, take your time to visit the blog section or the shopping guide. You will mostly find the links to these pages at the bottom of any page you land on. You will find resources that might help you discover new liquor options, make perfect homemade cocktails, and other information.

Pay Attention to Alcohol Delivery Terms

Before you commit to buying wine online, or any other favorite bottle, learn the delivery terms of the liquor store you choose. Some online alcohol shops deliver drinks in up to 48 hours, despite being so close to your location. You sought to buy alcohol online in the first place for convenience, and when delivery takes 2 days, you may as well go get it yourself at your local shop. The best online drinks delivery service providers offer same-day drinks delivery. Some shops like Drinks Vine and Drinks Zone guarantee delivery in less than 30 minutes for most locations in Nairobi, and it’s free.

If by any means your order will be delivered using courier service provides like G4S or Wells & Fargo, you will need to buy your liquor from stores that you can trust will package properly to ensure safe shipping without damages.

Be Home When Your Order Arrives

Wine and Spirits shops with delivery services require an adult to be at home when the delivery arrives. Make sure you are available or have a reliable person to receive and inspect the delivery and make payment (if payment is on delivery). Ensure that the products delivered are what you ordered. Do not be so harsh when the wrong products are delivered. Sometimes it can be an honest mistake that can be resolved calmly; although reputable wines stores are careful not to have these errors.

Be of Legal Drinking Age

Kenyan law requires you to be of 18 years and above to buy or drink alcohol. Alcohol shops strictly follow these guidelines and cannot sell liquor to people younger than 18 years. Hence, ensure you are of legal drinking age to even consider buying alcohol online.

Satisfied or Dissatisfied by Products or Services? Leave a Review

We started by recommending that you read reviews by customers. Help the next user of the service you acquired to know your experience while shopping on a particular online store. Rate and review the liquor store you ordered drinks from. Simply type and search the name of the business on Google. The business will appear with details like directions, website, and reviews. Go to the reviews section and share your experience.

Buying liquor online is totally doable, as you can see. If you keenly follow the tips provided and take the right precautions, you can do it with no expense of energy or resources. Online shopping is not as bad as most people believe. Liquor is not like electronics or other products. You will receive exactly what you ordered from a reputable liquor shop. Don’t get me wrong. There exist counterfeit liquor sold by unreliable stores. Follow the tips and you won’t fall, victim.

In most parts of this post, I have referenced two liquor stores; Drinks Vine and Drinks Zone. These are personal favorites that have the best liquor delivery services, awesome customer service, great prices, and a large liquor collection. So, if you are throwing a party, planning a major event, or hosting a few friends over the weekend, you can get access to the best liquor brands in Kenya at pleasing discounts at Drinks Vine or Drinks Zone. They can even deliver a single bottle to your home or office when you need personal relaxation time. Happy shopping!