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Online shoping tips and mistakes to avoid

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Online shopping in Kenya has been embraced in a huge way especially in Nairobi. Due to the development of the ecommerce industry in Kenya, most customers prefer to do all their shopping online. While online shopping comes with many benefits like 24-hour shopping, ease of finding products, comparison shopping, and better prices. Most online niches like drinks delivery Nairobi offer 24-hour alcohol delivery in Nairobi and these are some of the factors that are making most Kenyans prefer shopping online. Although shopping online has a lot of benefits to offer, there are a few mistakes that can make everything go sour. This article will explain some of the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to online shopping in Kenya.

Throughout the article, I will mostly give examples of drinks delivery Kenya or the dial a drink services and electronic shopping ( smartphones, TVs etc ) as I have first hand experience with these sites.

Online shopping in Kenya and mistakes to avoid

1. Paying before without any assurances

There are some businesses that require their customers to pay for products before they have been dispatched and while this is an assurance for the business will get paid for the goods delivered, it might not work so well for the clients. This point might not apply for subsequent purchase and in scenarios where the seller is a large and well-established business like Nairobi drinks as they have operated for years and are known to deliver at all times. Also when you are a loyal customer with a personal relationship with the seller you already know if the business delivers. Being an investor in drinks delivery Kenya industry, the business I manage requires the customer to pay on delivery, other firms in the same industry like dial a drink Nairobi, Dial a delivery, Drinks Delivery  Kenya and Alcohol delivery Nairobi offer the same.

2. Purchasing from sites without a return policy

A return policy is the protocols put in place to enable clients to return goods purchased in case the wrong product was purchased or where goods were damaged in transit. This is critical as some online business have a long and sophisticated processor returning wrong, faulty or damaged products. Sometimes back my friend ordered a smartphone from one of the major online shopping sites in Nairobi and he received a faulty device, it took him more than six months to have the phone replaced and this was a really frustrating experience. Make sure you purchase from a vendor with a simple and elaborate return policy. Talking with Nairobi drinks founder, he told me for them to maintain their reputation in  alcohol delivery business, they offer an immediate replacement for products bought in case of damage or wrong product. Always shop at these shops with well known and efficient return policies.

3 . Returning damaged or fault product too late

Even with good return policies, you as a client you have to bear some responsibility of reporting damaged, faulty or wrong products immediately.  Ordering a bottle of whisky online opening it and then calling after a week or two to say something was wrong with the product is not the right move. Call the online liquor store that delivered the product immediately and chances are they replace the product within a few minutes. Calling after a week may read to complicating and you end up saying whisky delivery Nairobi is not what you expected and the truth is you didn’t play your part well as the client.

4. Skipping reviews

Customer reviews could save you a great deal, it is always advisable to check how previous customers experience was. Check reviews such as the ones in Google my business is always advisable as the customer usually rate the business the received and a description of the product or service.

5. Ordering from unsecured sites

While shopping online always make sure that the site is secure, check the security certificates of the site and make sure that your bank or personal information is not leaked or accessible by hackers.

Those are just but a few online shopping tips that you should observe to make sure that you get a good experience.