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Changing the game in the Kenyan alcohol industry

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Kenya is known to be a drinking country, virtually every occurrence or occasion calls for a bottle of beer, wine, whisky, champagne etc. When something good happens, we drink, when something bad happens we drink and when nothing happens we still drink. I would also suggest that after reading this article, we drink to that.

For the love of alcohol, several visionary companies like Dialadelivery, Nairobi drinks, Drinks delivery Kenya and Drinks zone have harnessed the power of technology to bring the bar to your phone and computer. These companies have established online liquor stores to reduce the hustle of going to find drinks in the local bars where you end up not finding the brand you want.

More convenience is realized by those in offices, those who want to drink to something good happening in the office but don’t have time to go find the finest bottle of champagne. With these online liquor stores, it takes you 10 to 30 minutes to have your drinks delivered. Ordering is as easy as calling and or via WhatsApp, SMS or checking out via their platforms.

Online liquor stores are changing the game by bringing you brands from all over the world and at best prices. Compared to local bars, or even hotels & restaurants, you can be sure to get a bottle of the drink you want at half or quarter the price in these online liquor stores.

There are a few well known online liquor stores in Nairobi, like Nairobi drinks, Jumia party, Drinks delivery Kenya, Chupa chap and Dial a delivery. Among these stores, two of them ( Nairobi drinks & Dial a delivery ) have distinguished themselves by offering best prices, 24-hour alcohol delivery, delivery time and customer services. The two enterprises have built a good name and gained customers trust due to how they operate, through offering EABL products, collections of drinks from all over the world and above all keeping their clients drunk and happy. The two delivery enterprises are are competing not by prices but offering the best services and keeping delivery time to the minimum. It is not a wonder to have you drink delivered within 7 minutes if you are in Nairobi.

If you are like me and you don’t like wasting time, especially waiting for your bottle and you also don’t like spending more than you have to, you should definitely check out Dial a delivery or Nairobi drinks and see what you will be drinking coming weekend. For me, I will stick to the famous Tennessee whisky, Jack Daniels No. 7.