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Dial a Delivery liquor store rebrands to Drinks Vine

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Change is inevitable, and change is growth! Dial A Delivery online liquor store that many has come to love has now rebranded to Drinks Vine. Based on customers' reviews, it is evident that the company has been doing an excellent job in selling top quality wines and spirits and the best home delivery service. The former name, "Dial A Delivery," expressed a service while the new name, "Drinks Vine," gives the company a unique brand identity. The website has also changed from to, but not to worry, the former website link will redirect you to the new site.

There are a few reasons that have lead to this rebrand. One of the reasons is to express new goals and a new company direction. The former brand already had a grip on the industry and its customers, and it only means that the new brand intends to do even better to serve the customers.

Rebranding is also intended to differentiate the services offered. The name "dial a delivery" reflects a service that can be the delivery of anything. On the other hand, Drinks Vine is more specific to liquor and connects with wines and spirits lovers. The core products for Drinks Vine online liquor store are wines and spirits and alcohol home delivery service. This repositioning of the brand into a new image intends to target a broader market and, at the same time, redefining the company's goals. In this case, Drinks Vine has taken the first step in retaining the title of the leading online liquor store in Nairobi.

A new look and feel hit differently, especially when it is a change for the better. Drinks Vine online liquor platform now has an admirable new look with excellent loading speed. Searching for your favorite liquor has just been made better. The wide range of products available now ensures that you never go out of options. Drinks Vine only stocks the best liquor, and from the customers' reviews, drinks delivery in Nairobi is free and takes less than 30 minutes. With the 24-hour delivery service, it means you can keep the party going and order anytime you are out of booze.

While the former Dial A Delivery made sure that customers got the best experience by buying alcohol online, Drinks Vine intends to keep up with trends in the industry and remain the best. The trend has moved towards online purchasing. Hence, achieving speed and the best customer experience becomes the ultimate goal. Drinks Vine has done just that, and the new face proves it. Their Android and iOS apps enable eased purchasing on mobile devices. These apps can be found on Google Play Store and Apple Store, respectively, each with a new look and improved performance. The Drinks Vine apps are easy to use with all the functions in one place. Messaging, WhatsApp, and calling functions are easily accessible, which means you can easily dial a drink of your choice and have it delivered to you within minutes. With these functions, queries on purchasing or drink choice are responded to instantly.

Change is the law of life. Those who choose to live in the past or concentrate on the present are certain to miss the future. Drinks Vine has chosen to shine both in the present and the future. This transformation has given Drinks Vine new energy, and you don't need to be an expert in business to see this is an improvement. I strongly feel that this is a great move that guarantees that this online wines and spirits shop is determined to remain as the leading online liquor store in Kenya. 

The new brand perfectly matches the excellent services, quality of products, and best prices that Drinks Vines offer. The change shows that this company pays attention to the trends in the industry. This change, therefore, illustrates the company's commitment to providing the best services to clients. Also, by differentiating the brand from the rest demonstrates the uniqueness of the services and the expertise. From last week you can buy alcohol online from Drinks Vine online liquor store, and experience amazing alcohol delivery services and the best prices in Kenya.