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Drinks delivery Kenya - Where to buy alcohol in 2018

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Ecommerce and online shopping are fast taking root in Kenya. The general population is fast embracing the idea of virtual shopping where clients place an order online via various platforms as utilized by the various vendors and various dial a delivery startups. Alcohol delivery, food delivery, flower delivery has never been easier like we are witnessing today.

Among the factors that have led to the growth of this sector is increased internet connectivity, the rise of mobile money services and the various advantages promised by the different services providers exploiting the opportunity. Not only are dial a delivery in Kenya startups gaining popularity but even conventional enterprises have embraced online business to enable them to retain their clients who are aware of the immense benefits of online shopping.

The biggest advantage to clients is where their preferred goods are shipped to their chosen destination at their convenience. This reduces the time that would otherwise be used to go to the brick and mortar shops among other advantages as listed below;

a) Reduced risk of pilferage and damage to goods during transit.

b) Saving of funds that are used to pay for parking spaces and fuel

c) It minimizes impulse buying as one buys only the items they need

d) Ability to choose from a wide range of goods which would otherwise be found after making endless trips between shops

e) Huge discounts offered by online shops to loyal and regular customers.

Above are only a few of the advantages that online shopping offers. As many businesses go online to take advantage of the mad rush, we have sought information on the various startups in a specific niche; alcohol delivery and specifically within Nairobi and its environs.

I believe Kenya and especially the capital city Nairobi is grateful to this advancement in web technologies in Kenya. Today there are various platforms where you can order your drinks online, whether you want whisky delivery service or a bottle of wine delivered to your home or office then you got various options available.  In this article we will explore these wine and spirits distributors in Kenya utilizing technology to make online deliveries possible.

Even though the products and services of these online liquor stores based in Nairobi are pretty much the same, there are specific reasons why customers choose one drinks delivery service over the other. Below is the top list of drinks delivery service providers in Nairobi and what exactly sets them apart from each other.

1.Nairobi drinks

Nairobi drinks is also startup offering drinks delivery within Nairobi services. Having been operational since early 2017, this service promises to deliver your drinks within the shortest time possible to your location. Accepted payment methods are Cash or Mpesa on delivery and also card which makes it convenient for most clients. Offering a diverse collection of alcohol brands on their website, Nairobi drinks though operates an 8:00 am to 12:00 am drinks delivery service, so late night deliveries are not possible. Judging from their online reviews, they are also reliable when it comes to alcohol delivery service.

Head on to and experience it for yourself.

2. Dial a delivery

Dial a delivery drinks is one of the upcoming alcohol delivery agencies with a bright future, this is the agency I would bet on, this is why.  Dial a delivery offers more than drinks delivery, they are, they have gone a step further to offer gift delivery, cake delivery, flower delivery and food delivery. This means you can order everything you need in one place. They also offer great coupons which significantly reduce the prices for their clients. Dial a delivery drinks Nairobi offers you a wide collection of drinks if you want a wide range of wine brands, or whiskey brands this is your best bet. They promise a delivery time of less than 30 minutes and offer cash or Mpesa on delivery and also card options

To learn more head to

3. Dial A Drink Kenya

This online liquor store promises to deliver your drinks within minutes after you have placed your order and they also don’t charge delivery fees. There is no minimum order(Except for beers where one has to order at least a six-pack).

Dial A Drink Kenya has been in operation since early 2011 offering bar supplies and later extending the alcohol delivery in Nairobi service to individual persons. Payment methods are Cash on delivery, Mobile money (Mpesa) and card payments. Judging from their reviews on google, Dial a Drink Kenya is quite reliable and even offers special services such as item sourcing, gift deliveries, party supplies, late night alcohol deliveries in Nairobi and monthly offers on drinks.

Check out their website at where you can shop by cart or simply call them at 0723688108 to place your order. A special thing to note is that no login is required to place an order and you can request to pay on delivery just to be sure of their legitimacy.

From what Dial A Drink Kenya promises and that the customer reviews tell, it is probably Nairobi`s favorite online liquor store as their slogan states. Head there today and experience the convenience of drinks delivery to your doorstep.

4. Jumia party.

A huge online shopping retailer spanning various countries across Africa, Jumia is one of online shopping giants in Kenya and recently added liquor to the long list of products on their website. This service promises to deliver your drinks within an hour(longer than dial a drink Kenya).Their alcohol delivery service dubbed Jumia Party aims at accessing alcohol delivery services easier.

 A spotcheck on their website, however, shows that their drinks delivery service only covers areas close to the CBD, areas such as Ruaka, Karen while other locations are not in their database.A customer must also log into their website to order, something that may not be easy for an already inebriated client. Their free delivery package also starts from Ksh.3,000 meaning orders below this value must be charged for delivery charges.

Their delivery charges are Ksh.200.

5. Nairobi Alcohol Delivery

Another new entrant into the alcohol delivery business, this online liquor store promises to deliver your booze within 45 minutes, they have no minimum order except for beers, where one must order at least a six-pack. A spotcheck on their website shows that Nairobi Alcohol Delivery runs a monthly offer on selected drinks.

While the name of this service provider creates an impression that the delivery locations are limited to the CBD and maybe its nearest environs, they also deliver drinks to areas located out of Nairobi as far as Karen, Ruaka, Langata, Syokimau , Juja, Uthiru, Ngong road etc.

Accepted payment methods are Cash, card, and Mpesa on delivery. Check them out here

6. Drinks Delivery Nairobi

Yet another one, this one promises to deliver alcohol in under 40 minutes after you have placed your order and confirmed your preferred delivery location adequately. They stock local and exotic drinks including wines, beer, whiskeys, vodka and more.

Every month, drinks delivery Nairobi runs an offer on selected drinks. There are no delivery charges except this may be subject to the size of the order and the clients delivery location.

The accepted payment methods are Cash, Card, and Mobile money.

Learn more about drinks delivery Nairobi by visiting their website on

7. Jays Wines

Located at Biashara street in the CBD, Jay's wines is one of the premier liquor shops in the city. Offering both over the counter sales service and deliveries for individuals from online markets.

They also promise free alcohol delivery for orders above Ksh.3000 and operate an 8:00 am to 9:00 pm alcohol delivery service. Accepted payment methods are Cash, card, and mpesa to their provided till number.

Their drinks delivery locations are not specified but a visible statement on their website shows that their deliveries are limited to Nairobi and its close environs.

8. Chupa Chap
Regarding itself as Nairobi`s fastest and finest alcohol delivery service, this startup may as well be one of the earliest players in the niche industry.

They run 9:00 am to 10:30 pm drinks delivery service from Sunday to Thursday which changes to 12:00 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

According to their website, they are based in Westlands and they deliver drinks to various locations as listed on their online portal. A Ksh.100 delivery cost is charged on every order and they promise to deliver one hour after an order has been confirmed.


9. Drinks Delivery

Run by East African Breweries Limited, Drinks delivery is a portal offering drinks delivery services within Nairobi and its environs. Being a distributor of selected brands of liquor in the market, they only promote their own products and hence most known brands of drinks e.g Jameson etc are not stocked here.

Local beers e.g tusker, whitecap, Guinness are however in plenty here while their big collection of single malt whiskeys and other rare drinks is quite impressive. Visit  to learn more about them.

10. Liquor city

Based on Thika road at Thika road Mall,(TRM) they offer free alcohol delivery services for orders above Ksh.3,000 and also promise to give bonus points for purchases above Ksh.500.

They are available for over the counter sales and also deliveries for online shopping enthusiasts.Check them out on

11. Yum

This is a startup that provides food delivery in Nairobi where clients can order from a restaurant of their choice as long as it is listed on the platform.

According to their website, the service was launched in the year 2012 and has expanded its reach to Uganda.Yum partners with various vendors in the hospitality and fast food industry linking them to their potential customers across the region to enable customers to buy food online from their preferred restaurant and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Apart from fast food and other local and foreign cuisines, a client can also order for liquor and have it delivered to wherever they may want.

See more at

12. Wines on Wheels.

According to their website, this is a family run business that has been in operation since 1973(definitely one of the oldest wine shops in the city). They deal exclusively with wines and have a big collection of rare wine bottles including The Leopard Leap Classic Collection.

They also run a Monday to Friday wine delivery service and guarantee same day delivery for orders placed before 2 pm.

The minimum order is six bottles of wine and clients are free to mix brands as long as the minimum quantity is reached.

Learn more about this awesome wine delivery in Nairobi by visiting


 Although the different enterprises have so much in common, there are various terms which not only determine a potential clients decision but also distinguish the drinks delivery services from each other. Below is a summary of the liquor stores and the crucial points to be considered when choosing which vendor to buy from including the price of Jameson in Nairobi, Kenya

 Summary Of Drinks Delivery firms In Nairobi And Their Terms And Conditions