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What makes Nairobi Drinks Delivery different?

What are you doing this weekend? More pressingly, what are you drinking while you do it? There are several reasons why people prefer taking their drinks from the comfort of their home. The crucial one is the comfort of listening to your preferred songs at your controlled volume level. 
Unlike in the club, at your house, you can hold a meeting with your friends and also engage in other important issues like swimming as you sip your wine from a tall glass. How about your privacy with boyfriend or girlfriend? More importantly, how do you get to your house? Nairobi Drinks Delivery is the leading online liquor store in Kenya offering free and fast alcohol delivery services to your doorstep. 

Nairobi Drinks have been in existence in the past few years and has always carried its services in a manner that is efficient, reliable and convenient to its clients.  The following are the reasons why most of our customers regard Nairobi Drinks unique in the alcohol and general drinks industry.

Nairobi Drinks Offers Varieties of Drinks 

Nairobi Drinks stock a wide range of drinks in all category of alcohol. This ensures that you will always find your favorite bottle with us.  We have even gone a notch higher to stock the king size whiskeys and vodkas to ensure if you only enjoy a particular brand you will only need to buy just a single bottle. Buy king size here I mean the 4.5 liters.  It is also good to note that not all the drinks are on the website, therefore, you may call us to find out if we have the drinks that you want. This particularly goes to the soft drinks, cigarettes and also some unique drinks.

Fast Alcohol Dispatch and Free Drinks Delivery Kenya

Nairobi Drinks ensures that you receive your order within 30 minutes of ordering. We also give free drinks delivery in Nairobi CBD and its environs. The huge advantage you get from ordering from us is that we are well versed with areas around Nairobi which transpires to fast deliveries with fewer explanations. Also, our riders normally use blue-tooth enhancement to ensure they don’t stop the bike when talking to you in case you give them a call. The riders also use tubeless tyres to avoid inconveniences that can be brought by a puncture. All these are measures used to ensure that our customers experience fast, reliable and efficient deliveries.

Personal support

Contact us via email (, telephone, WhatsApp, SMS (+254 714798820) or via our integrated chat function. We can offer you quick support, answer your questions and help you out wherever we can. But remember, we are only human.

Multilingual support:

Our team is fluent in speaking English and Swahili. This ensures that are able to listen and respond to your concerns efficiently and effectively.
Alcohol Gifts Delivery

Besides the usual alcohol delivery services, Nairobi Drinks Delivery also offers alcohol gifts delivery. This is a bottle of alcohol that is wrapped professionally to express more the message of the sender to the receiver. To make a clear note, Nairobi Drinks also advises that a card should accompany the alcohol gifts. You may choose to send the card as it is or more so you may instruct us on what to write on it to ensure your intentions to the receiver are well spelled out. The alcohol gifts could be a bottle of wine, whiskey, vodka rum, gin, liqueur, champagne, cognac, tequila, beer or brandy. They say that actions speak better than words, so wow your friends with a great bottle and great memories will be left etched in their minds for a long spell of time.

 Remember that there is no need of your physical presence for you to send a gift. All you need is give us a call through 0714798820 and instruct us on how the gift should be wrapped and how the card should look like. In case you need some flowers to accompany the gift too they can buy a bouquet according to your instructions so that a clear message is sent. After everything is concluded, a picture of the gift will be taken and sent to you for your approval. Then you go ahead and give the address and the recipient will be enjoying the gift in less than 30 minutes. 

Expert  Wine and Spirits Advice

Nairobi Drinks have experts in both fields of spirits and wines. These experts will help you in the preparation of cocktails and guide you when buying the spirits and wines. Guidance when buying the spirits is very important because they will explain the taste you will expect in every bottle and also explain which bottles go better with a particular situation. For example, it doesn’t mean the higher the cost whiskey the greater the taste. Some prices are just high due to marketing strategies. 

Also, someone would probably enjoy whiskeys from Scotland particularly from the highland area and hate those ones from the lowland areas. When it comes to drinking the whiskeys, it depends if you are a starter or an experienced drinker. Experienced ones will always take the whiskeys neat while starters will prefer it chilled or blended with soft drinks. On the other hand, wine tastes better depending on the procedure of drinking them and also you will have a better experience if you combine the right wine with the right food. Also, some people who come from different walks of faith may prefer taking non-alcoholic wines or non-alcoholic champagne for their events like weddings. When you consult our experts you will have a great experience every time you buy a drink. 

Flexible means of payment

To ensure convenience in payment of the services rendered, Nairobi Drinks as availed the following means of payment to her clients;

Mobile money transfer eg Mpesa and Airtel Money

Bank transfer and bank deposits – this is particularly on the large orders

Debit cards, Credit cards and Visa cards mode of payment

PayPal – for the overseas clients'

Western Union money transfer – for the overseas clients

Trust & confidentiality

When it comes to high quantity trading, we believe trust is a big factor in our business. Be sure: you can trust us. You can ask us for real product photos before you order. We are transparent and honest. Some of our clients come from different walks of faith that don’t condone alcohol drinking and because they have to bow to the demands of their bodies they prefer to place an order online to maintain their secret. At Nairobi Drinks ensure there is maximum secrecy on any information about you at our discretion. 

Discounted Prices, Offers, Promotions, Coupons and Loyalty gifts

Nairobi Drinks Delivery gives offers on particular drinks from time to time. This makes those drinks sell at 20% to 40% lower than their normal prices.  Most of the people who benefit from these discounts are the people who order drinks in large quantities for their parties or any other event that they are holding. This is still the same for the for the customers ordering for their wine and spirits or buying on wholesale prices for their bars.

Nairobi Drinks keeps on doing promotions of the new drinks in the market. At this times, those drinks normally sell at 50% their normal price. This is a great time to buy this product. The fact they have huge discount doesn’t mean quality is compromised rather it is just meant to introduce the products to the customers then they hike the price once it becomes known. It is just a marketing strategy. 

Coupons also are the other way that Nairobi Drinks gifts it’s clients randomly. Coupons are some numbers that you apply when purchasing your drinks. Different coupons have different values. They could be of Ksh 500 or Ksh 1,000 which means you will reduce your total by the value of your coupon.

Finally, Nairobi Drinks gives loyalty gifts to her loyal clients. This includes a free bottle of wine, a branded t-shirt, a branded cap, wristband, glass or even a key holder. This is a way of appreciation and acknowledgment of their loyalty as our customers.